Rubber Suction Hose Assembly (6 Meter Coil)


High quality rubber suction hose assembly with fittings for various applications and fluids:

  • Heavier applications than PVC suction hose
  • Hot water with light chemical content
  • Water suction and delivery
  • Various applications

Heavy Duty Rubber Suction Hose Assembly with Bauers
Our rubber suction and delivery hose options include additional wire helix reinforcement that helps the rubber hose maintain its properties in vacuum applications

  • Metal Spiral Reinforced Hose
  • Male and female Bauer couplings
  • Vacuum Resistance
  • Sizes 32 – 152mm options
  • 152mm x 6m quotes


Optional cam fittings
Optional flange fittings
Optional groove fittings

Temperature Range:
-30°C to 70°C

Weight 18 kg

Farm Spares

Coil Length

Inside Dia.



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