Pedrollo Top 2 Submersible Pump


The  Pedrollo TOP 2 Pump is a submersible effluent pump which is capable of pumping clear water containing solids up to 10mm. The TOP 2 is capable of pumping 220 litres/minute with a head of up to 9m. 

  • Power: 0.37kW/0.50HP
  • Flow Rate: Up To 220 L/min (13.2 m³/hr)
  • Dynamic Head: Up To 9m
  • Port (DN): 1¼”
  • Dimensions: 152x257mm
  • Weight: 5Kg

They are suitable for use in applications such as draining small flooded areas (rooms, cellars, garages) in the event of an emergency, for the disposal of waste water in the home (from dishwashers, washing machines) and for emptying drainage traps

Liquid type: 
Clean Water

Uses: domestic

Applications: drainage, emptying tanks

typology: submersible

Family: submersible pumps

Performance Range:

  • Flow rate up to 360 l/min (21,6 m³/h)
  • Head up to 14,50 m

Application Limit:

  • Temperature of the liquid to +40 °C

• Immersion depth:
– 3 m for TOP 1-2-3
– 5 m for TOP 4-5
(with a sufficiently long power cable)
(Maximum liquid temperature +90 °C for a maximum of 3 minutes intermittent service)
• Passage of suspended solids up to Ø 10 mm
• Suction level:
– 14 mm above ground level for TOP 1-2-3

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm


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