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Farm & Industrial Spares is a leading supplier in Ireland of high quality hose and cable reels for multiple applications. We supply hose reels made in aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel construction for most models. Special coatings and finishes are also available.

Designed and built of the highest quality materials, our hose reels stand up to the most demanding conditions in any industry. We offer hose and cable reels that help improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in your operation by keeping hoses and cables organized and off the floor.

The heavy-duty design and construction of our reels ensure a long life and save you money. Bolted-on components and conveniently located swivel joints make servicing our reels quick and trouble-free.

Our hose reels are designed for the industry in which they will be used, from farmyards to processing to welding to maintenance and will be durable and dependable for years to come

Typical Applications

  • Blasting and slurry applications
  • Chemical transfer
  • Electric cable for lights, tools and machinery
  • Fuel and lubrication
  • Gas welding
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic power tools
  • In-plant firefighting
  • Potable water
  • Power washing or steam cleaning
  • Pressurised air
  • Vacuum and suction
  • Washdown and sanitation

Hose Assemblies

Complete hose reel packages are also available. Farm & Industrial Spares can supply the hose along with the reel to simplify your procurement process. We carry a wide variety of hose assemblies for common applications like general purpose air and water usage, petroleum and oil products, hydraulics, oxygen/acetylene, breathing air, and rescue equipment. Special lengths, accessories or fittings, and custom application assemblies are usually available on special order. As well as the ID. and Length, we need to know the temperature range, fluid, working pressure, and any fitting specifications for your hose.

Low Pressure Hose

We stock a variety of low pressure hose assemblies in several hose sizes and lengths. We can supply hose with EPDM cover and tube or brass fittings, which are excellent for air, water, and many agricultural chemicals. For workshop use, we offer a hose with high oil resistant tube and cover. It is suitable for use with petroleum based hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, anti-freeze, diesel fuel, air and water and may be special ordered in different colours if required. Hoses for specialised applications are available upon request.

Twin Hydraulic Hose

If required, we can supply bonded hydraulic hose that helps solve problems associated with unwinding and storing multiple lines. Various options are available for chemicals, agricultural sprays, fire resistant fluids, hydraulic fluid, urethane foam mixers and more.

Medium and High Pressure Hose

We can supply several different hydraulic and general purpose hose assemblies to meet the specifications of your particular application. We stock an assortment of common medium or high pressure hose sizes to meet your needs. Hoses for specialised applications are available upon request.

Note: Spring rewind reels complete with hose are usually supplied with the appropriate hose stop.

Twin Oxygen or Acetylene Hose

Grade R and Grade T twin hose assemblies can be supplied in popular lengths to cover most requirements for oxygen/acetylene, as well as propane and MAPP.

Rewind Reel Types

  • Compact Manual Rewind Reels
  • Manual or Power Rewind Reels
  • Manual Rewind Reels
  • Portable Hose Reels on Wheels
  • Portable Storage Reels on Wheels
  • Pressure Washer Reels
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Air Tools
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Air or Water Applications
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Assembly Operations
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Bulk Transfer
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Chassis Grease
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Fuel Dispensing
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Gas Welding
  • Spring Rewind Reels for General Industrial Applications
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Hydraulics
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Lubrication
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Spray Painting
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Suction or Discharge Applications
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Washdown
  • Spring Rewind Reels for Waste Oil Evacuation
  • Storage Reels – Manual Rewind
  • Storage Reels – Power Rewind
Hose Reel - Spring Rewind
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