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Hose Reels – Good to Know

With greater focus on Health and Safety and the benefits of neat and tidy work areas, hose reels continue to grow in popularity. No one likes dealing with a tangled hose – doesn’t matter if it’s an air hose, garden hose or power washer hose. When washing your car, pressure washing around the farm or watering the garden, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Not to mention how ugly and dangerous a tangled hose looks when left lying around.

As well as being great for tidying up the farmyard and keeping hoses from tangling, retractable hose reels come in handy shapes, sizes and designs. A retractable hose reel is very practical for the farmer and also for the homeowner with a large garden who wants an easy way to water the plants without a long tangled hose left on the ground.

Most self winding retractable hose reels are usually wall-mounted, providing an easier and convenient way to store the hose after use. These wall mount hose reels are especially useful in the farm yard, milking parlours, stables etc. Manual wind hose reels are usually on a portable cart which can be easily moved from job to job.

You need to take into account the length of the hose, what it’s used for (air, oil, water etc), the pressure and any hose accessories such as a spray gun or nozzles. This will influence the choice of reel and also the hose and nozzles. At Farm & Industrial Spares in Mallow, we have a range to suit fuel, air, chemicals, oils, water and more.

If used in the home, farm or garden, it is important that you choose an area that is out of the reach of  children, such as high up on a wall where they cannot easily reach it and pull it down onto themselves. Retractable hose reels must be mounted securely to a wall or other solid surface with the provided hardware so that it cannot move when in use.


  • Can a hose reel be mounted in the ceiling?

    Depending on the type of ceiling, usually yes. If mounting a hose reel in the ceiling, choose a position that will enable the hose run out of the opening towards the bottom of the reel. This will facilitate the proper operation of the reel.

  • Do I need to secure the reel further if mounting it in the ceiling?

    Usually, it is not necessary, the standard bracket and locking mechanism supplied hold for a pull force of round 100 kg.

  • Is a retractable reel more beneficial, or will I be OK to roll up the manual reel?

    Clearly the retractable hose reel has its benefits in that it reels itself in, but the manual hose reel is simpler with less parts. It’s worth noting the retractable tend to be significantly more expensive than the manual due to the increased size of the unit to hold the spring and moving parts

  • What is the maximum height a hose reel can be mounted?

    The maximum height at which a hose reel can be mounted is limited by spring force and hose weight including media. We don’t recommend you mount a reel higher than 4 mtrs from the floor.

  • Why does my reel not re-wind the hose

    Occasionally, if you are repeatedly only using just the first portion of the hose length, the hose may get tangled up inside the reel. To prevent this, just un‐wind the hose completely and let it re‐wind without assistance so that the hose guide system can work.

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