Slurry Transfer Kits

Slurry Transfer Kits – Save Time and Money

Slurry transfer kits are used with an Agitator to move slurry or waste water from one place to another quickly. 

A four hole flange with a 6” male Italian fitting bolts onto the Agitator. This is a generic 4 bolt flange and suits almost every agitator. 

The bend is a 6” female Italian which quick releases from the flange. The bend ends in a 4”/5”/6” hose tail and you choose a hose to match the tail diameter.

Slurry Transfer Kit Farm Spares Mallow 1
Slurry Transfer Kit from Farm & Industrial Spares – Mallow


There is also a blanking cap to cover the Flange when the Bend is removed. We include 4 nuts, bolts and washers to attach the flange to the agitator.

Slurry Kit Contents

  • 6″ Male coupling with 4 bolt flange (OM28)
  • 6″ 90º Female with either 4”, 5” or  6″ hosetail
  • 6″ Female blanking cap (OM316Z)
  • 4”, 5” or 6″ hose clip
  • 4 x Nuts, Bolts and washers
Slurry Transfer Kit Parts 01A 2
Slurry Transfer Kit Parts 02B 3
Slurry Transfer Kit Parts 03A 4
Slurry Transfer Kit Parts 04A 5

Add Lay-Flat Slurry Hose for More Savings

Slurry transfer kits usually add Layflat hose in 4”/5”/6” internal diameter, depending on the hose tail size you choose. 

This is heavier gauge PVC layflat and can be ordered by the meter or in coils of 50m/100m

4” weighs 0.9kg per meter

5” weighs 1.1kg per meter

6” weighs 1.5kg per meter

Slurry Transfer Kit Hose 6
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